When it comes to having friends over for the Superbowl, the most IMPORTANT part is the beverages. Especially after the year we’ve all had! I’ve created this blog as a go-to guide for everything beverages for your Superbowl game watch and included quite a few fun Superbowl Party Drink Ideas.

If you have any drinks you whip up as tradition for the Superbowl each year, I’d love to hear about them! Please comment below and so I can share with other football fans ????


Water Bottles#1 – Water!

If you’re at home, and only hosting smaller to medium size groups, setting out some pitchers with glasses is the most eco-friendly way to go.

However, if your group size is a bit on the larger side, I’d encourage the small 8 fl. oz water bottles (the typical water bottle is 16 fl. oz). So often at tailgates, we see half-drank water bottles left everywhere once our tailgaters have left. Typically, with these smaller bottles, someone will drink them in one to two sips, recycle the bottle, and grab another later if they need more.

You can find these 8oz sizes at most grocery stores, Walmart, Target, etc. or you can buy them online at Amazon. Here’s a link to a 48-pack!

#2 – SodasFresca

Similar notes as above, purchasing the 2-liter bottles and having cups available for folks is the most eco-friendly way to go. If you have a large group, you can set-out pieces of tape and sharpies so people can write their name on their cup, which will prevent them from losing them and having to start over again.

Or to make everything a bit easier, the big win with soda is going for the smaller cans! Coke has a line of ‘mini cans’ that are 7.5 fl. oz. Whether they’re being used for cocktails or kids, the smaller sizes result in way less waste of beverages. Ultimately if there is someone who wants more, they can just grab a second one!

A good mix here is the simple Diet Coke, Coke, and Sprite. My personal favorite soda is Fresca, and it makes a great mix-in with tequila or mezcal!

Superbowl Party Drink Ideas#3 – Light Beers

The Superbowl tends to be a bit of a longer experience, so having some light beers is always a must. A lot of people enjoy light beer, and it makes for the best beverage for most drinking games – Flip Cup, Stack Cup, and Beer Pong are some of my favorites! If you want to add these to your experience, you’ll just need to add a pack of Solo red cups and ping pong balls to your shopping list.

Press Seltzers #4 – Seltzers

You can’t really have a party nowadays without having seltzers available. Having the OG seltzer, White Claw is always a good option. But if you haven’t tried the brand ‘Pressed’ I’d pick some up and try them out for the Superbowl. I find them to have better flavors than White Claw, and they don’t taste quite so ‘chemically’ if that’s the right word.

If you want to give the Press a try, check out the image to the left for a visual of the box! I know sometimes the right brand can be hard to find. I swear seltzers take up an entire grocery store aisle nowadays ß which I’m totally not complaining about, ha!

High Quality Affordable Wine#5 – Wines

If your group of friends and family is a big fan of wine, having some affordable, good quality bottles is a must. Given the focus of the Superbowl is not on the wine experience, you don’t need to go crazy here on quality, I’d say.

If you want a nicer, but still an affordable brand, check out anything from Justin. My favorite is their 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon for $28/bottle.

If you want solid options that are in the less than $15/bottle range, I’d take a trip over to Trader Joe’s. They have a great selection of incredibly affordable wine’s and their staff is great at helping you find the perfect bottles for you and your guests.

High Quality, Affordable Trader Joe's Wines

Some of my Trader Joe’s Favorites (in no order):

#1 – Phigment Red Blend – $6/Bottle – Red Blend

  • Red Blends are great for this type of occasion since they don’t require the need to breathe for a while, you can pop it open and pour a glass!

#2 – Tribunal Red Wine North Coast – $10/Bottle – Full-Bodied Red Wine

#3 – Cotillion Pinot Noir – $10/Bottle – Medium Bodied Red Wine

  • This bottle has a ton of flavor – it’s fruity, spicy, and very smooth.

#4 – Grifone Sangiovese – $5/Bottle

  • I don’t think I’ve been to a get-together without seeing this bottle of wine brought by someone! For reference, we are all 20-something’s, but it’s been a favorite for a few years! This has a great balanced flavor, easy to drink, and an unbeatable price point.

#5 – Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc – $10/Bottle – White Wine

  • Very light and refreshing!

#6 – Cocktails

To avoid having to set-up a full bar with endless amounts of mix-ins, I’d suggest creating 2-3 signature cocktails that people can choose from for gameday. Here are some great recipes I’ve made at past Superbowl Party’s that have gone over well!

Superbowl Party Drink IdeaMoscow Mule Punch Bowl – basically one GIANT Moscow mule! This is a super simple drink to throw together in bulk. All you must do is mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and serve with a ladle! If you have copper mugs for your guests to use, that would be ideal, but if not, any glass works!

INGREDIENTS (for 8 servings)
4 cups ice
4 cups ginger beer
3 cups vodka
1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
1 cup mint leaves, plus extras on the side for garnish
2 limes, sliced for garnishes

Superbowl Party Drink IdeaRum Punch – be careful, these can be dangerous! I swear the rum punches go down too easily. All of a sudden you’re a few in, and quite toasted! This is also a super simple recipe with limited ingredients. The below recipe is for a single-serve, but you can easily multiply to meet the needs of your get-together.

INGREDIENTS (for 1 serving)
4oz lemonade
2oz pineapple juice
2oz coconut rum
1oz dark rum


  • Pour lemonade, pineapple juice, and coconut rum into a large glass filled with ice, using a spoon to gently stir the drink. (Or pour into a cocktail shaker, shake and pour into a glass filled with ice.)
  • Top glass with the dark rum, so it floats on top and slowly blends into the rest of the drink, giving it an Ombre effect. Serve.

Superbowl Party Drink IdeaWhiskey Lemonade – to utilize and limit your ingredients, this in combo with the Rum Punch is a good complement and super simple to make! You simply combine the following ingredients.

2oz Rye Whiskey
0.5oz Triple Sec
3oz Lemonade
2oz Lemon Lime Soda
Fresh Lemon Juice

If you really want to step up your Superbowl Party, check out our blog The Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar for a Game Watch! This can be a bit more involved, but your friends and family will love it. And it makes for cute gameday pictures!


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