Jennie’s Favorite Tailgate Spinach Dip Recipe

What is a good tailgate party without serving up some of the most popular food—chips and dip? Anything you can scoop up and eat with a chip (tortilla, corn, pita, you name it) is a winner at tailgate gatherings. Warm, cold, savory or sweet, dips are the hands-down winner of top menu items. And for [...]

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Tailgating At The Big House

  Wolverine fans know how to tailgate As any lover of the blue and maize can tell you. And they can also tell you that tailgating, for them, is not just an exercise in eating and drinking. It’s an homage to the game, the school, the traditions they love so well. Some may call it [...]

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Tailgater Concierge In The News

There is nothing better than seeing your new company's name in lights!  Well maybe seeing it in print!  We are excited to share with you several of our recent press articles: August 2018 - Los Angeles Times Football Season Tailgate Tips   September 2018 - Costco Connection Tailgating 101   February 2017 - [...]

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The History of Tailgating

For most of us, tailgating is just something that’s always been around, probably as long as the sport we’re watching. But has it? Yep. And tailgating has been around even longer, it seems. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact origins of the tailgating ritual. Some cultural anthropologists link it back to ancient times when people [...]

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Kid Friendly Tailgating Tips

Tailgating is all about community, and what’s community without a lot of little ones running around? One great thing about this pastime is how you are able to tailor it to fit your needs. Tailgating is the perfect way to enjoy both your family and your favorite team. All you need are a few minor [...]

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How To Plan A Great Tailgate

Sure, you can tailgate with a six-pack and a Subway on the steps of the library 30 minutes before kickoff, but why not dream big? Here are some basics to ensure a successful pre-game party. 1. Plan ahead. Compile your menu the week before, making sure you have all necessary items for your desired meals. [...]

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