Tailgating is all about community, and what’s community without a lot of little ones running around? One great thing about this pastime is how you are able to tailor it to fit your needs. Tailgating is the perfect way to enjoy both your family and your favorite team. All you need are a few minor adjustments to your tailgating standard operating procedure, and you’re ready to rally.

Tailgate Location

• Pick your location carefully.  Try to secure a more out-of-the-way spot that enables you to keep an eye on the kids, while also giving them space to play and roam freely, yet safely.

• Speaking of location, make sure you’re near a restroom. Nothing is going to hijack a tailgate quicker than 46 trips across campus to reach the nearest port-a-potty with your toddler.

Grange Grove Tailgate

Tailgate Equipment

• If you don’t have a tent or awning in your tailgate bag of tricks, now is the time to get one. Shade is a priority when tailgating with kids, so make sure you have plenty of it.

• Pack plenty of chairs, but also picnic blankets and even some durable pillows. Do know that everything runs the risk of getting filthy, so don’t pull the pillows off your living room couch for this. Scout the end-of-season sales for some outdoor patio furnishings and look for deals you can keep with your tailgating supplies.

• Bring on the games! While we are perfectly content to sit and chat for hours, our mini-mes are not so keen on that idea. They need external stimulation, so don’t forget to pack plenty of games. Cornhole (dumbest name for a game ever, but such a fun one to play), footballs, decks of cards, crayons, coloring books and even checkers are all good ideas. Base your choice on how much space is available at the facility.

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Tailgate Food

• Plan your menu with the kids in mind.  Keep it simple. Think hot dogs, hamburgers, food on a stick (yum…teriyaki chicken skewers) and cut-up fruit. Seriously, what’s a tailgate without watermelon slices?

• Stock up on kid-friendly drinks (juice boxes are always a hit) and LOTS of water.

• Don’t forget the snacks. Seriously, it’s a game changer. . Think chips, dip, cut veggies, granola bars, fruit strips, pretzels, snack bags of crackers, etc.

Tailgate Extras

• Considering bringing a TV or having a company like Tailgater Concierge provide you with a TV or the whole tailgate set-up if want to reduce your tailgate stress level.

• Pack an extra change of clothing as well as a sweater or light jacket. Even if your kids are rarely sloppy or it’s 99 degrees outside, you’ll regret NOT having these things if situations change.

Above all, have fun with your family. You’re passing along some really important traditions, so take some time out from the festivities and enjoy the moment.