For the 2019 season, the LA Rams will play for a third year at the LA Memorial Coliseum. But good news! Starting in 2020, they’ll be at their brand-new stadium with the LA Chargers at Hollywood Park. It’s a site to see. If you’re interested in learning more, check it out here.

In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know to have a successful Rams game day at the Coliseum this coming fall:



The key to any successful game day is to: plan!

A few things to lock down before game day:

  1. Game Tickets – be sure you and everyone in your party buys their Rams game tickets ahead of time. You can purchase them from the Rams directly, here or on 3rd party sites like Stubhub or Premium Seats.
  2. Parking Passes – if you’ve decided to drive to the stadium, be sure to review your options before game day since passes to certain lots must be purchased ahead of time. See more detailed parking information below.
  3. Pregame Plan – do you want to host your own tailgate? Do you want to join a friend’s tailgate? Do you want to buy a ticket to a hosted tailgate event? See the tailgating section below for more information on having a successful pregame experience.



One of the best parts of going to a football game in a major city is you have a lot of options for just about everything, including transportation. Here are all the ways you can get to your game:

1. Drive & Park

There are quite a few official parking options for LA Rams game days. But no matter where you decide to park, you should always plan to get to the Coliseum EARLY. Arriving 3.5+ hours before kick-off is ideal, once you start getting within that 3-hour mark, traffic starts to back up. You don’t want to miss your pregame festivities!

LA Rams Game Day Parking Map


You can buy parking passes directly through the Rams, here.

If you’re interested in tailgating at your car, be sure to buy the right lot! Only certain lots allow tailgating at the Coliseum:

  • Tailgating is only allowed in designated Exposition Park lots (Lot 4, Lot 5, Lot 6, South Lawn and State Dr.) and the Gold Lot. Tailgating is NOT permitted in the Visitor Parking Structure, South Park Dr., Martin Luther King Blvd., or Expo Center Dr.

Almost all the tailgating parking lots will sell out before game day, so if this is the route you want to go, be sure to buy your pass ahead of time. If you’re not interested in tailgating at your car, and just want to purchase a pass the day of, we’d suggest heading to one of the lots on USC’s campus. They’re typically a flat, fair rate, but they do require a good 15-20-minute walk to the Coliseum depending on which structure you choose.

Here are some key rules regarding parking:

  • All parking lots and garages will open 5-hours prior to kick-off, and close 90-minutes after the game ends.
  • Tall vans, large SUVs, RVs or buses will not be accepted in any parking garage because of height restrictions.
  • State Dr. can accommodate RVs and buses up to 40 feet. When purchasing a designated RV space, you must have an RV or other large vehicle to utilize the space.

You can also pay cash in various ‘unofficial lots’ aka people’s yards and/or local business parking lots around the stadium – there are quite a few options along Figueroa. However, be aware that all these lots are first-come, first served, and they tend to get VERY pricey for big games.

2. Go Metro on Game Day!

LA Coliseum Metro Map

It’s been a long week, you want to have some fun on your day off, and you don’t want to worry about sobering up enough in time to drive home. Good news for you – the LA Coliseum is EASILY accessible from the following metro stations: Expo Park/USC, Expo/Vermont, and 37th St./USC.

Check out their website for routes to take from all areas of LA here [just select ‘Coliseum Directions’]

Taking the metro is by far the most affordable and convenient way to get in and out of the Coliseum on a game day.

Pro-tip: make sure to buy a two-way metro pass or have a multi-use pass with a few rides left at the start of your journey. It’s always super easy to travel in via metro, but sometimes you’ll find long lines at the ticket purchase stations on the way out. If you already have your return pass, it’s much easier to leave.

3. Uber / Lyft / Ride-Share

There’s a surplus of ride share options in Los Angeles. If you happen to be coming from an area not super close to a metro stop, calling an Uber or Lyft is a great alternative. Although it’s a ~5-10-minute walk, we’d suggest setting your uber drop off to the USC hotel at 3540 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90007. As you get closer to the stadium, the streets get a bit congested with cars making their way to the parking lots. This is a great option for setting your pick-up location after the game when you’re ready to head home!

4. HUMMER LIMO – why not? ????



As mentioned briefly above, tailgating is only allowed at your car in designated Exposition Park lots: Lot 4, Lot 5, Lot 6, South Lawn, State Dr. and the Gold Lot.

Free green space around the Coliseum is VERY limited. If you are unable to get a parking pass for a tailgate lot, you can try to snag some of the grassy space on lawns around the Museum Park Campus area or on the western edge of the Rams Fan Fest [see above parking map for locations]. You’ll have to be prepared to carry your equipment/coolers to the tailgate spot [we suggest investing in a rolling cart] and make sure to leave time to bring your stuff back to your car in time to make kickoff.  If this is your game plan, make sure to get to the stadium EARLY.  There are a lot of dedicated Rams tailgaters and not much space to go around.

A few key things to remember when hosting a tailgate at the Coliseum:

  • Make sure to triple check that you brought everything you need! The Coliseum is not close to many convenience or grocery stores, so if you forget something, you’re going to have to make friends with your neighbors!
  • Be sure to bring extra ice to keep your food and beverages cool. It always tends to be a bit warmer than planned and a lot of the tailgate lots are on asphalt.
  • Be sure to bring some Tupperware or Ziplock bags to store your leftover tailgate food. It usually takes a while to empty out the lots after the game, so it’s great to have snacks at the car while waiting for the parking lot to clear. Post-tailgating is always a good time ????

Here are some more detailed policies from the Coliseum on tailgating:

  • There is NO TAILGATING on the USC Campus or USC Campus Parking Facilities during Los Angeles Rams games or events
  • Tailgating is allowed only in your parking space, in front of or behind your vehicle only
  • Tailgating equipment must not block pedestrian or vehicle access
  • The use of multiple spaces without a vehicle is prohibited
  • A small canopy (no larger than 8’ x 8’) may be erected in front of or behind your vehicle only
  • Box trucks, trailers, grill in-tow or any catering service from an outside source are not permitted in parking lots
  • Glass containers or bottles are prohibited in all areas of Exposition Park
  • All drinks and items should be placed in plastic or disposable containers
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited
  • Barbecue grills (charcoal or gas) must be covered and raised off the ground – they cannot be set-up in areas of overhanging trees limbs or areas that have mulched ground-cover or wood-chips
  • Barbecue grills cannot be left unattended
  • Generators and grills must have a fire extinguisher present while in operation – please use care when storing flammable materials and please be courteous to neighboring parking spaces regarding noise and exhaust
  • Dispose used charcoal in marked dispensers – never dispose used charcoal under or inside your vehicle
  • Open flames are prohibited in all parking lots – makeshift barbecue grills or stand-alone fire pits will not be allowed
  • Tailgating may not lock or restrict access to portable toilets – the use or creation of personal toilets or unregulated bathroom facilities is prohibited
  • Excessively loud noise or amplified music, such as a DJ or live band, is prohibited
  • Tailgating after kickoff is prohibited which includes the use of televisions, computers or other devices to view or project broadcasts of any kind
  • Please clean up your area after your tailgate – tied up trash bags may be left in the lot for collection or disposed of in available dumpsters
  • The Coliseum Fan Code of Conduct will always be enforced during a Los Angeles Rams game or event



Tailgater Concierge will be providing two options for fans traveling out to Ram’s games in 2019:

Private Tailgate – Great for groups 8 +

If you don’t want to deal with all the hassles of tailgating, you always have the option of using Tailgater Concierge’s tailgate service. We have reserved space on the lawn right outside the California African American Museum and we handle all the set-up, take-down and clean-up of your tailgate equipment. We also help coordinate all your catering, beverage, bartending, transportation, etc. needs! It’s a great option for fans who don’t own tailgating equipment, who are traveling in from far away, for large groups, and corporate events!

Check out our packages for Rams games here:

BYOB Tailgate Parties – Great for groups < 8

Come experience a traditional tailgate feel, with the high energy of many fans from both teams at the Tailgater Concierge BYOB Tailgate Party! This is a great option for smaller groups of fans!

The BYOB Tailgate Party Includes:

  • Tailgate Party entry hosted in Tailgater Village – behind the California African American Museum, with a great view of the Coliseum!
  • Tents for shade along with high-top tables and tailgate chairs for your relaxation
  • Several 50″ flat screen TVs with NFL RedZone and tailgate games for your entertainment
  • A variety of tacos will be served with rice, beans, chips & guac/salsas, all prepared fresh on-site with non-alcoholic beverages (each Tailgater will be provided with one meal and two non-alcoholic drink tickets at check-in)
  • BYOB is allowed and coolers with ice available for those who do
  • Tailgate will be open for the 3 hours prior to game time and close at kick-off

Eventbrite Links:

8/24/19 – Broncos:

9/15/19 – Saints:

9/29/19 – Buccaneers:

10/13/19 – 49ers:

11/17/19 – Bears:

11/25/19 – Ravens:

12/08/19 – Seahawks:

12/29/19 – Cardinals:

If you have any questions about our services available for the LA Rams, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 888-301-2190.



Unlike most college towns, there is not a big bar scene around USC. The two main options you have (and they’re both a 15-20-minute walk to the stadium) are:

*Traditions, known as Traddy’s:

  • A nicer bar, with big flat screen TV’s all round, located in the center of USC’s campus.

*The 901 Bar and Grill:

  • This is THE BAR that all the USC undergrads go to throughout their time at the school. FYI – your shoes will stick to the floor.

If you want to hit the bars before a game at the Coliseum, we’d suggest heading to downtown LA and then metro’ing down or taking an uber to the game when you’re ready. Here are some options:

*LA Live – full of sports bars

*Rooftop Bars – most popular ones are The Standard and Perch

*Breweries – tons of options all over East Downtown LA. Some popular ones are: Angel City Brewery, Mumford Brewing, Boomtown Brewery, and many more!



*Don’t miss out on the Victory Dogs!

The game has ended, your team has (hopefully) won, you’re walking out of the stadium full of excitement, energy, and then you smell this INCREDIBLE aroma. What is it you wonder? What could be making this amazing smell? There are very few things people all love the smell of, and its BACON! As you’re exiting the Coliseum, don’t pass up one of the Victory Dog vendors selling bacon-wrapped hot dogs with grilled veggies. They’re $5 bucks each, sketchily made on a grocery cart, but they’re delicious!

*USC Campus

If you’ve never been, be sure to factor in some time to explore the University of Southern California’s campus. It’s a short walk from the stadium, and well worth the extra hour of your day to go and check it out. Be sure to swing by the center of campus to see Tommy Trojan and Traveler.

P.S. – if you let your friends and family know you’re near Tommy, they can check you out on the Tommy Cam ????

 *Rose Garden

To the North of the LA Coliseum on the other side of the Science Museum, you’ll find the famous Rose Garden. Walk by to snap a couple pictures of the beautiful roses. Although the fall isn’t peak season, it’s still a beautiful site!


If you have any questions regarding the game day experience for Rams games at the LA Memorial Coliseum, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Tailgater Concierge. We’re happy to help!

Also, let us know if there is any info we missed and should incorporate – email us at [email protected] ????


Tailgate On!

Team Tailgaters