If you’re from the North, you might not be aware that college football is nearly a religious experience in the South.

So, South Alabama Jaguars fans, we know you’re ready for tailgating at Hancock Whitney Stadium, and the stadium is ready for you. Tailgater Concierge, your fellow football geeks/tailgating service at Hancock Whitney Stadium is going to get you prepared to tailgate with passion this season.

Prepare for Tailgating at Hancock Whitney Stadium

The early bird gets the worm. No, that’s a cliche, let’s improve it: the early Jaguar gets the best tailgating spots.

There you go, that’s better. The more prep you do now, the better time you’ll have.


The stadium address is 500 Stadium Drive, Mobile, Alabama 36688, but let’s give you some guidance. Let’s say you’re coming from I-10, the highway that runs east and west across the country.

Exit and head north on 90 near Tillmans Corner. From here, go all the way until you meet up with I-65 and go north. You can also just stay on 10 to get to 65, but this way you cut off some travel distance.

Going north on 65, you can exit at Airport Boulevard, head west, then go north on University Blvd until it meets Old Shell Road. You can also exit at Springhill Avenue, go west and stay on it once it becomes Ziegler Boulevard, turn left on University Boulevard, and turn right on Old Shell Road.

You’ll then come to Stadium Drive on your right. Either way works, but it’s a good idea to have the Waze app on your phone to see what traffic conditions are like.

Flying In

There is an airport nearby, the Mobile Regional Airport (MOB). that services flights on American Airlines, Delta, and United Other nearby options include the Pensacola International Airport (PNS)  and Gulfport International (GPT) but both are about an hour and 15 minutes from the stadium.


Ridesharing, such as with Uber or Lyft, will get you in and out. You can always take a limo or party bus, too. The pickup and drop-off point is Bebo’s Car Wash at 6377 Old Shell Road.

Other Transportation Methods

There will be gameday shuttles, but these are intended for people who can’t walk to the stadium. There are three shuttles with routes marked on the map:

Free Courtesy Shuttles

Fans parked in one of our Blue parking lots (400, 500, and 600 level lots) will have access to a complimentary stadium shuttle that picks up and drops off at the Bell Tower/South Drive. Free parking is available in the Gold parking lots (800 and 900 level lots), but no shuttle is available.  The walk to Hancock Whitney Stadium from the free parking is less than 15 minutes!

ADA Shuttle

If you have an ADA placard, you can park in Lot 201 by Entry 2 at Stadium Drive. The cost to park in this lot is $20. Golf carts will be available to transport you to your gate of choice. Post-game it will also run from Gate 3.

Remember that the stadium is on a college campus, the University of South Alabama specifically. There aren’t any regular bus or train routes that go to the school, though there is the JagTran for students and faculty. And since it’s a college, bikes are a fantastic way to get around. There’s a bike rack by the Athletics Administration Building in Lot 311.


The two closest hotels are:

Other great options for out-of-town fans:

But let’s say you want something more spacious and accommodating. A vacation rental from a place like Vrbo gets you a house or apartment with more features, like a full kitchen and a washer/dryer.

How to Tailgate at Hancock Whitney Stadium

If you’ve never been tailgating at Hancock Whitney Stadium, or tailgating in the South at all, the fans are as pumped for their college teams as anyone tailgating at the Super Bowl. The stadium encourages tailgating, but there are plenty of rules to abide by. They ask for simple things:

  • No soliciting
  • No political activity
  • No parking or driving on the grass
  • Golf carts must have head/taillights, a rearview mirror, one butt per seat
  • Golf cart drivers must be licensed
  • Golf cart must be inspected and tagged as permissible by University PD
  • Don’t let your grill be a fire hazard
  • Alcoholic drinks in paper or plastic cups ONLY (and you have to be 21)
  • No tobacco products
  • Clean up after yourself
  • No pets

Basically, don’t be a nuisance to people and they’ll leave you alone. With a reputable tailgating service at Hancock Whitney Stadium, you’ll have everything you need anyway.


This is the part where we tell you when you’re allowed to set up your tailgate before the game. At most stadiums, you have a 4-hour window before kickoff, or 5 if they’re generous. If you’re tailgating at Hancock Whitney Stadium, it’s a little longer than that.

You can set up your tailgate at 5 p.m. the day before the game.

The lots open up at 8 a.m. on Saturday game days, noon on weekdays, so that’s when you can officially start tailgating. Your vehicle must be gone by noon the following day.

Where to Tailgate at Hancock Whitney Stadium

You have nine entryways to the lots by the ballfield. If you don’t plan on tailgating at Hancock Whitney Stadium, first of all, thanks for visiting the website for a tailgating service at Hancock Whitney Stadium.

Secondly, whether you intend to or not, you’re going to be involved in tailgating if you park your car in these lots. Just letting you know. Also, parking passes are paperless now, so charge your phone.

  • Entry 1: John Counts Drive – pre-purchased parking passes only, lots 101-105
  • Entry 2: Stadium Drive – pre-purchased parking passes only & ADA parking, lots 201-206 (ADA lots are $20/game with shuttle service to any gate)
  • Entry 3: Jaguar Blvd – pre-purchased parking passes only, lots 301, 307, 310-312 (single-game RV sales in lot 301 – these must be purchased before gameday by calling 251-461-1USA)
  • Entry 6: USA South Drive – pre-purchased blue season parking passes and single-game parking ($20 per car)
  • Entry 8: USA North Drive – Free parking in 800-level lots (less than a 15-minute walk to the stadium)
  • Entry 9: Research Park Free parking in 900-level lots (less than a 15-minute walk to the stadium)

Planning where you’re going to park is a good idea. Free lots and lots that allow gameday sales will fill up fast. If you want to have a spot, reserve one.

Tailgating at the MAC

If you are visiting or attending a game at the University of South Alabama, and are an alumni of the school, the university offers a great social event that you can bring friends and family along for the fun at the MacQueen Alumni Center (MAC).  If you haven’t been back to the alumni house in some time, it is a sight to see with plenty of foods and beverages!

For more information on this event please visit Tailgating at the MAC.


After you’re done tailgating at Hancock Whitney Stadium, when the game is done, and you’re ready to take in the charm of southern Alabama, there’s still plenty to do!

You can take in shows, see history, explore scientific wonder, and then grab a bite at one of the awesome restaurants in the area, too.

Also, in Mobile, look for the hole-in-the-wall barbecue joints. Those are the places where your socks will get knocked clean off.

Tailgater Concierge: Expert Tailgating Service at Hancock Whitney Stadium

If you want to experience tailgating at its finest, you have to go to a southern college football game. Tailgater Concierge is ready to make sure it’s the most fun it can be.

We’re a tailgate equipment rental supplier, true, but we’re also in with the local restaurants and beverage vendors, plus we know where the best parking is. We’ll supply all the furniture, games, speakers, and even a satellite TV for your tailgate-stravaganza.

Remember, when you’re ready to take in Southern tailgating at its finest, Tailgater Concierge is your tailgating service at Hancock Whitney Stadium!

For more information about our tailgating services at South Alabama – see here.


If you have any other suggestions for tailgating at South Alabama, be sure to leave them in the comments below for other fans to see! Or if you have any questions, throw them down there too so our community can help.

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