Autzen Stadium, home of the Oregon Ducks football team has a maximum capacity of only 54K. Yet it is still one of the loudest stadiums in college football. It’s a place you’ll hear long before you’ll see. I’d say it’s not far behind Ohio State, and if you’ve been there you can understand how loud we are talking. And the noise, excitement, and energy around tailgating at Oregon is just as matched.

Don’t let this scare you away. gameday in Eugene is one to experience for any diehard college football fan. Maybe just bring some earplugs for the little ones!

Duck Football Season ParkingGame Tickets

The first step, which game are you attending? If you’re an away fan, I’m sure you already know, but if you’re a fan of the Ducks, you can find the latest 2022 schedule here.

When it comes to Autzen, space, and parking around the stadium is quite limited. When you get there you’ll understand. It’s practically a stadium surrounded by some lots, grass fields, and then a bunch of trees and residential areas.

Be sure to purchase your game tickets AND parking passes ahead of time – given the smaller stadium, it’s best to snag those as soon as possible.

  • Game tickets for Oregon Ducks can be purchased from the Ticket Office online or by calling 541-346-4461.
  • For car and RV parking, be sure to reach out to Duck Football Parking with Troop 100 and support the local boy scouts! They have IDEAL parking, you can see it in the image to the right labeled ‘BSA’

Getting to Autzen Stadium

When it comes to getting to Autzen from the Eugene area, you have a few routes you can go:

Drive & Park

If you’re looking to do some tailgating in Oregon, this is your best route!

  • All football parking lots will open 6-hours prior to kick-off, that’s right – 6 HOURS – how awesome is that for all the big tailgaters out there!
  • Most of the parking lots immediately surrounding the stadium do not offer same-day parking. These lots typically have parking passes that are pre-allocated to donors.
  • You can also look to support local organizations like the Boy Scouts by purchasing parking from Troop 100. Click here for their details.

Hotel Shuttles

Luckily, a lot of hotels in Eugene provide shuttle services to the stadium on gamedays. Make sure to ask about this service when you reserve and again at check-in to get on the list. Typically they are free, or a small $5-10/person charge.

Football Parking & Shuttles | Autzen Stadium | Eugene, Cascades & Oregon CoastAutzen Express

The Sports Shuttles provide the fastest, easiest, and least expensive transportation to Autzen Stadium on game days. The per-game cost of a round trip is only $5.00 and is collected during pre-game boarding. Here’s a list of all the stops:

  • LTD Eugene Station (11th & Olive)
  • Lane County Fairgrounds (13th & Jackson)
  • South Eugene High School (19th & Patterson)
  • Valley River Center – Parking Limited (Northwest parking lot)
  • LTD River Road Station (River RD. & Beltline)
  • Riverbend Annex (123 International Way – Southeast parking lot)
  • LTD Springfield Station (355 South A St.)
  • Thurston High School (333 59th St.)

Shuttle service to Autzen Stadium begins 3 hours before game time. Buses run every 10 to 20 minutes from 8 Park & Ride locations.

Return trips from Autzen Stadium to Park & Ride locations are available ONLY during halftime and immediately following the game. Post-game departures will continue for 60 minutes after the game ends.

For more information on the shuttle service, you can find it here.

Park & Walk

Fans parking on city streets and neighborhoods should comply with all posted parking restrictions, as they are enforced by the City of Eugene. Individuals parking and walking to events should review parking information available below:

Note: we do not suggest this route if your party is interested in tailgating, you don’t want to have to lug all your equipment to and from your car. It’ll be a long walk! 

Ride Share

Both Uber and Lyft provide service in Eugene.  Note that they have limited drop-off/pick-up locations around the stadium. So just be prepared to walk the final distance into either head to your friend’s tailgate, or head straight to the stadium.

Bicycle Parking – Duck Pen

Secured bicycle parking will be available for each home football game at the rate of $1 per bicycle. The Duck Pen, serviced and supervised by the Eugene Active 20-30 Club, will open three hours prior to kickoff and close one hour after the game. This secured bicycle area is well-lit and is located between the Science Factory and the Autzen Footbridge. Proceeds collected from bicycle parking will be donated to various children’s charities in lane county.

Only in Oregon will you find a Duck Pen for bikes

Tailgating at Oregon Ducks

According to the Oregon Ducks website, tailgating in one of the Autzen Stadium lots is meant for small family and friend gatherings.  Car parking spaces are 9×20 and RV spaces are 18×40.  All tailgating must be contained within those dimensions.

There are a few options where you can reserve parking ahead of time in private lots, that have a bit more flexibility with your tailgate space: Troop 100 Parking or the Eugene Science Center.

Pro tip – if you have a few cars, rendezvous ahead of time, drive-in together, and park your cars all in a line. That way you’ll have plenty of space behind your cars for your group!

If you’ve decided to host your own tailgate, check out this Tailgating Basics Blog on tips on how to have a successful pre-game tailgate.

Tailgate Service at Eugene Science Center

Tailgater Concierge is also a partner of Troop 100. This coming fall will be Tailgater’s second season supporting the Ducks home and away fans with our tailgate service. We handle all the set-up, take-down, and clean-up of your tailgate equipment. We also help coordinate all your catering, beverage, bartending, transportation, etc. needs! It’s a great option for fans who don’t own tailgating equipment, who are traveling from far away, for large groups and corporate events! Check out our Tailgate Packages available for the Oregon Ducks or give the team at Tailgater Concierge a call at 888-301-2190 for more info.

If you have any other detailed questions regarding parking at Autzen, be sure to check out the official Oregon Ducks Stadium page.

What not to miss at Autzen!

March to Victory

Cheer on the Duck football team before kickoff as they march down the Mo Center central boulevard on the way to the Oregon locker room 2.5 hours prior to game time.

Oregon Ducks March to Victory

Mo Tailgate Center

The Ed Moshofsky Sports Center opens three hours before kickoff on game day to allow fans the opportunity to take in live radio broadcasts, music, and dance performances. You can also find a wide variety of food, beer, and wine at the Mo Center, so stop by for a drink before entering the stadium. Here’s what you can find inside:

Pub Grub

  • $3 Hot Dogs
  • $5 Cheeseburgers
  • Personal Pizza – Pepperoni or Cheese
  • Topped Tots
  • Chicken Wing Basket
  • Freshly Baked Pretzels
  • Coors Light, Hop Valley Bubble Stash, Divine Shine, Deschutes Mirror Pond
  • 2towns Made Marion Cider
  • Red, White and Rosé Wine by the glass
  • 8 Oregon Craft Beers on Tap

There will also be rotating restaurants that also support the Mo Tailgate Center! For more info on the center, you can find it here.

Oregon Ducks Gameday Gear

I think everyone is in need of a refresh on some of their gameday gear! It has not gotten much love in the past 1.5 years+. Here are some great items our team found online:



B00VBY4ZXMWhen it comes to tailgate tents, we always encourage our fans to look into Logo Brand tents when they are buying the ones with their team names/logos. We find these hold up the best season after season. You can find this tent on Amazon for only $169 (usually $200) right now, which is a great deal. Linked here. If you want a generic tent, check out our Best Tailgate Tents of 2022 blog which is linked or also linked below!


Logo Brand or Rawlings make great tailgate chairs – there are quite a few of them up on Amazon in the $20-30 dollar range. The one to the right is linked here.


This cornhole set gets great reviews. It is a bit of an investment! If you have kids in your tailgate group, I’m sure you’ve gone through quite a few cornhole sets in your day. I’m not sure what it is but kids just love to run on top of them! If you don’t have a sturdy board, it will most definitely break under the weight of a child. This one is $200, but is made of solid wood and should hold up for many seasons. Linked here.


If you need some new game day attire – or want to start showing off your team between now and the fall – I encourage you to explore Fanatics – Oregon Ducks. They have a great assortment of clothing, gear, accessories, and something for everyone! Oregon Ducks Fanatics Branded Campus Logo Pullover Hoodie - Black

Stadium Policies

*The University of Oregon has stopped the in and out policy at Autzen stadium. Once you go into the game, you will not be allowed re-entry. This is a relatively new change, so definitely let your friends and family know in case they remember this being a part of the experience when they attended a game a few years back.

*As noted above, all parking lots will be opened 6-hours prior to kick-off, though the earliest they will open is 7 a.m.  There will likely still be a long line of cars waiting to get in to set-up their tailgates!

*Like many stadiums, Autzen has adopted the clear bag policy. See more details here.

Wrap Up

If you have any other suggestions for tailgating at the University of Oregon, be sure to leave them in the comments below for other fans to see! Or if you have any questions, throw them down there too so our community can help.

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