We’re not only the experts when it comes to tailgating from our personal experience but also exposure to so many awesome tailgating clients. Here are some great tailgating tips we’ve picked up over the seasons that we’d like to share. These tips are great time-savers, mess-reducing, stress lowering, just plain nifty tailgate ideas.

If you have any additional ideas, please let the team at Tailgater Concierge know via [email protected], we’d love to add your tips to this blog!


Tailgate Food Tips

Pipping Bag Pancake Mix
Do you have an early morning tailgate? Make-ahead pancake batters and bring them along in pipping bags. Reduces the dishes that you need on game day and makes for a super easy clean-up.




Frozen Water Bottles
Frozen water bottles can serve a great dual-purpose, they can start the day as ice packs to keep your food cool en route to the tailgate and then can be drunk by your guests once they’ve melted! Minimizing items you take and especially have to take home from a tailgate is key. You can recycle the bottles at the stadium!

Tailgate Tips

Easy Clean-Up
Bring along an empty lidded bin to put all the dirty dishes, utensils, etc. It keeps them from attracting bugs at the tailgate, keeps your car clean and ‘stink-free’ while in the game, and makes for an easy unload when you are home.


Check your Propane… TWICE!
We’d say this is less of a hack and more of a big reminder. It’d be a big bummer if you’re planning on serving folks a fun menu of burgers, dogs, grilled corn, etc. but have nowhere to cook it all. If this does happen to you, luckily tailgaters are great people, and I’m sure a neighbor would gladly share their BBQ space if they have it available!


Tailgate IdeasBalloons
If you have a lot of friends/family joining your tailgate, tying balloons to your tent can be super helpful to help your guests find your location on game day! Depending on the stadium you’re at, you can be in the middle of a sea of tents.


Make sure you check the tailgate rules at the venue you are attending before purchasing your tailgate items. Some big misses, a lot of stadiums do not allow glass bottles, so you’ll need to purchase cans of beer, and move your wine and hard liquor into a different container. Another thing you want to make sure you check is if propane and/or charcoal grills are allowed. You want to make sure you bring the right one – typically security and police are very strict on both policies!


Tailgate IdeasFitted Sheets
Tablecloths are great and all, but sometimes when there’s wind/weather, they can fly all over the place. An easy solution to this is to purchase some affordable twin-size bed fitted sheets! They come in a variety of colors, so you can support your team, and you can bring them home, wash, and re-use them for the next game.


Pop-Up Trash CansTailgate Tips
Trash bags laying on the ground or tied to a table leg are always asking for extra mess…not to mention a magnet for bugs. Grab a pop-up hamper from the dollar store and stick a trash bag inside it! Better yet, grab two and use one for trash and one for recycling.



Tailgate IdeasPaper Towel Supply
Use a garden flag holder as a paper towel holder. Game days can get messy, we suggest in addition to paper towels, you also pack some Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer. And lots of garbage bags! Better to have extra of these supplies than to run out.


Prepping as much food as you can the night before is a big win – it makes it so you have to bring less on game day, and you can enjoy your tailgate experience more. Here are some great things you can do ahead of time:

  • Make your guac the night before. Be sure to add in the pit or lime slices to keep it from browning
  • Chop your veggies and fruit ahead of time for any platters
  • Marinate any proteins, and transport in plastic, sealable bags

If there are any things you struggle with related to tailgating, let us know, and we’d be happy to provide some advice!

We hope these will be some fun ideas you can implement during the upcoming season.

Tailgate on,
Team Tailgaters