*Most folks think the University of Southern California’s mascot is Tommy Trojan, and although everyone loves Tommy, the OFFICIAL mascot is Traveler the Horse! You can catch Tommy riding Traveler around the Coliseum after the Trojans score a touchdown.

USC Mascot

*USC is the only University in the world to have a gold medal-winning athlete in every Summer Olympiad since 1912… how cool is that? Overall, the University has produced 423 Olympians (the most of any University) who have gone on to capture a record 288 total Olympic Medals!

*In 1979, Fleetwood Mac invited the USC Marching Band to perform ‘Tusk’ on their 12th album, which was the band’s first platinum album.

*There have been 35 ‘perfect days’ when USC wins, and Notre Dame and UCLA both lose (football that is…)

*John Wayne played offensive tackle on USC’s football team before dropping out to become a movie star. His name while he was a student was Marion Mitchell Morrison, but he changed it after facing pressure from FOX executives.

*Some of the many notable USC alumni include: George Lucas, John Wayne, Forest Whitaker, Judd Apatow, Will Ferrell, and many, many other famous athletes, movie stars and entertainers!

*Every year since the Academy Awards were created in 1929, a USC alumnus has been nominated for an Oscar.

*When USC was founded in 1880, the University employed 10 faculty members and welcomed a class of 53 students. Tuition the first year was only $15.00 per semester!

USC History

Hope you learned something new about the University of Southern California – Fight On!

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