The Dallas Cowboys were the first actual expansion team of the NFL. While other teams came from the AFL or other leagues, the Dallas Cowboys were the first true-born expansion team in 1960. Since they’ve grown into one of the most iconic franchises in the history of sports. They are loved by so many, and rightfully hold the nickname of ‘America’s Team.’ Experiencing the Dallas Cowboys Tailgating scene is one for the bucket list!

If you can make a fun weekend getaway out of it, you won’t regret it. Dallas is an awesome city that you’ll want to go back and visit time and time again.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know for a successful gameday experience in Arlington.

2022 Home Schedule (all game times listed for teams respective time zone) 

Sept. 11th – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7:20pm CT

Sept. 18th – Cincinnati Bengals 3:25pm CT

Oct. 2nd – Washington Commanders 12:00pm CT

Oct. 23rd – Detroit Lions 12:00pm CT

Oct. 30th – Chicago Bears 12:00pm CT

Nov. 24th – New York Giants 3:30pm CT

Dec. 4th – Indianapolis Colts 7:20pm CT

Dec. 11th – Houston Texans 12:00pm CT

Dec. 24th – Philadelphia Eagles 3:25pm CT

Game Tickets

The Dallas Cowboys are known for packing their stadium each and every home game, so I’d suggest getting your tickets as soon as you know you’re making your way to Arlington, Texas. You can buy either single game tickets or season passes from the Cowboys Ticket Office here.

Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium

Travel, Car Rental & Accommodations

Here are some of our key things to think about when handling the logistics of your weekend in Dallas:

#1 – Where to Stay

Dallas is really three cities – Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas. Keep this in mind when looking at where to stay. If you’re making it a weekend trip, we would recommend staying in the downtown Dallas area. This is where most of the entertainment, nightlife, and restaurants are. However, if you’re just flying in to catch the game, you can opt to stay closer to the stadium in Arlington or near the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

(p.s. if you want to learn more about the various neighborhoods of Dallas – be sure to check out Visit Dallas – there is A TON of great information. I’d recommend making time to hop around the Uptown and Deep Ellum neighborhoods if you have the time.)

#2 – VRBO

When selecting accommodations – opt for an VRBO if you’re planning to tailgate so you can use the kitchen.

#3 – Rental Car

Given how the city is spread out, I’d recommend renting a car for the weekend so you can explore as much as possible. This is also a must if you are planning to host a tailgate.

Once your flights, transportation, and accommodations are booked, and your game tickets are in hand, you’re all set! The only other thing I’d consider doing in the week or two leading into your trip is researching restaurants and bars that you’re interested in checking out. Given how busy game day weekends can get, it’s good to snag a few reservations just in case.

If you need some help planning your game day experience, reach out to Star Sports Tours. They are the official Fan Travel Partner of the Dallas Cowboys and can be reached at 817-542-0011. They can help you with your game tickets, Cowboys player experiences, travel, and accommodations.

AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium is quite a site – with seating for 80,000 and standing room for 105,000, you may want to bring some earplugs. They hit a record attendance back in 2009 with 105,121 fans in the stadium! How crazy.

Getting to AT&T Stadium

When heading in on gameday – your two best options for AT&T stadium are driving (or being driven with a bus or limo) or utilizing rideshare (or a nice family member)! Here’s all the info you’ll need based on which avenue you decide to go:

Gameday Parking

There are approximately 12,000 parking spaces distributed among 15 numbered lots at AT&T Stadium. There are also nearly 12,000 parking spaces in lettered lots around the Texas Rangers Ballpark that may be used on an event day. Parking areas are generally open five (5) hours before Cowboys games.

To purchase a parking pass for an upcoming event at AT&T Stadium, click here.

AT&T Stadium Gameday Parking

Bus Parking

Bus parking is in a portion of Lot 15. All other lots are for standard-size vehicles only (a portion of Lot 14 is for RVs and oversized vehicles). A bus parking pass is required.

Click here for Individual Bus Event Parking.

Limousine Parking

Limousines will be able to drop off passengers in Lot 1 and Lot 6. Limousine parking is available on Randol Mill Road and on Cowboys Way. A limousine parking pass is required.

Click here for Individual Limo Event Parking

RV/Oversized Vehicle Parking

RVs and oversized vehicles (any vehicle longer than 19 feet) must be parked in Lot 14. All other lots are for standard-size vehicles only. An RV/Oversized vehicle parking pass is required. A limited number of RV/Oversized spaces are available. Click here for passes.

  • RV Parking is in Silver Lot 14 and is $150 per RV.
  • RV Parking can be purchased in person at the AT&T Stadium Ticket Office or online here.
  • Overnight parking is allowed for most events. For more information on which events overnight parking is allowed, please contact Guest Services at (817) 892-4161.
  • RVs can arrive as early as 8:00 AM the day before the game/event, and must depart the lot by 5:00 PM the day following the game (Stadium Event Schedule Permitting). For more information, please contact Guest Services at (817) 892-4161.
  • There are no hookups in Silver Lot 14 for electric or water; a dump station is on-site.
  • Spaces are 20ft x 40ft (RVs longer than 43ft must check with parking attendant in the parking lot).
  • Tow cars must also have a permit if they are on-site on event day (unless parked with RV in the same space).
  • Tailgating is permitted by RV occupant within the confines of their space; not in drive aisles.
  • Generators are permissible within the confines of the RV space.

Passenger Drop-Off & Pick-Up Zones

There are two passenger drop-off zones at the stadium. One is located on the north side of Randol Mill Road in Lot 1 and the other is located on the south side off Cowboys Way in Lot 6. Due to post-event traffic, these areas may not be accessible for pick up. Guests may use the Accessibility Shuttle serving all AT&T Stadium parking lots.

There is one area that is a passenger pick-up zone at the stadium. It is located at the entrance to the Miller Lite West Plaza adjacent to North Collins Street and Cowboys Way. Taxis are also staged at this location for drop-off pre-event and pick up post-event.

Rideshare Information

Taxicabs/rideshare vehicles are available at the far west end of the Miller Lite West Plaza off of North Collins Street and Cowboys Way. Taxis/rideshare are staged at this location for drop-off pre-event and pick up post-event.

Pre-Game Opportunities at AT&T Stadium

Dallas Cowboys Tailgate Party

Dallas Cowboys Tailgating

If you’re looking to tailgate in the lots, be sure to get there EARLY. Like at least an hour before the gates open, to ensure you’ll be able to snag some tailgate grass for your group. Dallas Cowboys tailgating scene is a blast, and you want to be there early anyways so you can experience it as much as possible.

Here’s some tailgating guidelines from the Dallas Cowboys team:

All guests wishing to tailgate must observe the following guidelines. These guidelines have been developed to provide a fair, reasonable, and safe tailgating experience for guests. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the loss of tailgating privileges and ejection from the parking lot.

  • To promote physical distancing, at least one space between vehicles is required in designated tailgating spots and parties will not be permitted to comingle.
  • Tailgating spaces are for vehicles only. Parking spaces may not be used for tents, grills, chairs, or other items. Each vehicle must have a valid parking permit.
  • Tailgating is defined as the placement of any item on the ground (chairs, coolers, grills, games, etc.).
  • Tailgating is only permitted in the grass areas on the perimeter of the parking lots. The maximum area that any single tailgate space may occupy is 9-feet wide and 12-feet deep.
  • Tailgating must be confined to the area adjacent to the end of the designated tailgating vehicle parking space (maximum of 12 feet from the rear of the parking vehicle).
  • Any grass areas beyond the designated tailgating spaces are considered common ground and may be used by other guests for tailgating or picnicking activities.
  • Tailgating is not permitted in Lot 3, portions of Lot 5, Lot 8, and Lot 9.
  • Tailgating is permitted from the time the lots open and up to two (2) hours following Dallas Cowboys or college football games.
  • All guests must follow the directions and instructions provided by stadium personnel (parking staff, security, police, etc.).
  • Dispose of trash in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Coals must be disposed of in the designated coal containers located throughout the lots. Do not dump coals or store stoves on the grass, parking areas, under, or around vehicles.

Tailgating for Cowboys games is permitted in designated tailgating spaces only. These spaces are located on the perimeter of each parking lot and have a grassy area immediately behind the vehicle parking spot. There are tailgating spaces in Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15.  The spaces are filled on a first-come/first-served basis. If interested in tailgating, it is important to arrive early to obtain one of the designated spaces.

Tailgate TavernTailgate Tavern

If you’re traveling in with a small group, or don’t have a tailgate to join, another great option is the pre-game tailgate party at the Tailgate Tavern (what a name) which is right across the street from AT&T stadium. They host great parties for all big AT&T stadium events. Check out their website for more info here.

Side note, if you’re looking to host an event or tailgate, you can also rent party space from Tailgate Tavern. More info on that here.

Bar Hopping in Dallas, TexasBar Hopping in Dallas

Another popular option for fans is to bar hop around the various neighborhoods of Dallas, I really like Uptown for gamedays. And then hop in an Uber/Lyft and head to the stadium closer to kick-off!


Dallas Cowboys Tailgate Gear

If this blog has convinced you to head to Arlington to catch a Cowboys game, great! Here’s some great Cowboys gameday and tailgate gear our team has found online that’ll be perfect for your data of Dallas Cowboys Tailgating. Quick tip – if you need to update some of your tailgate equipment, be sure to do it ASAP to capitalize on all the great sales that are happening. Come fall those won’t be around.

Dallas Cowboys Tailgate ChairsIf you need some new chairs – I love this 3-piece set that comes with two chairs and a little tailgate table! This is a great addition to your tailgate since table space is always so limited at tailgates. You can find it linked here.

Dallas Cowboy Tailgate TentAs you’ve seen in our other blogs, when it comes to branded tents, we always encourage the Logo Brands option. We find them to be the best bang for your buck and will last you season after season. They are a bit pricier than other brands but trust me, it’s worth the extra money upfront so you don’t have to replace it each season. Linked here.

When it comes to attire, be sure to check out Fanatics – Dallas Cowboys. They have something for all members of your family – and always have great deals!

Dallas Cowboys Gameday Attire

I also love their section ‘Tailgate & Party’ which has all sorts of fun items to rep your team either at your home gate or tailgate party! You can find the Dallas Cowboys Tailgate & Party gear here!

Dallas Cowboys Tailgate Gear

If you’re thinking of upgrading some of your basic equipment, be sure to check out the following blogs – Best Tailgate Tents of 2022 or Best Tailgate Grills

Wrap Up!

If you have any other suggestions for tailgating at the Dallas Cowboys, be sure to leave them in the comments below for other fans to see! Or if you have any questions, throw them down there too so our community can help.

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